I visited this castle in 2005.

Kreuzenstein Castle, locally known as Burg Kreuzenstein, lies north of the village of Leobendorf, east of the city of Stockerau in the province of Lower Austria in Austria.

Kreuzenstein Castle was first mentioned as 'Grizanessstein' in a document from 1115. In 1620 it was rented out to a Karl Graf Saint Hilaire. In April 1645, during the 30-Years War, the castle was occupied by a Swedish army led by Field-Marshal Thorstenson. They were driven out after a siege by Imperial troops that same year. The castle was destroyed in the process.

Between 1874 an 1907 however the Counts Nepomuk Wilczek built the present castle. They built it on the site the earlier Kreuzenstein Castle, incorporating some old wall fragments. The new castle was built as a Romanesque-Gothic version of a perfect castle. So although this castle might look medieval, it certainly is not, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

In 1945 the castle was heavily damaged but was completely restored later on. It now houses a museum and is the stage for eagle shows.

The castle is situated on the top of a small mountain which offers great views of the surrounding countryside. The castle was closed when I visited it and it was bitterly cold, so maybe I will return another time.

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