I visited this castle in 2009.

Boves Castle, locally known as Château de Boves, lies on a rocky outcrop above the village with the same name, south east of the city of Amiens in the Somme department in the Picardy region in France.

Boves Castle was built around the 9th century. It was a motte castle built near the confluence of the Avre and Noye rivers. During its existence it was enlarged en redesigned several times.

From the 11th to 12th century, Boves Castle belonged to a powerful family, linked to the Coucy family, who played an important political role in northern France. In 1185 the castle was sieged by Philippe-Auguste, King of France.

In 1595 Boves Castle was dismantled and its stones were used for the repair of s priory and the construction of a new castle in the valley.

In 1835 the site of Boves Castle was visited by Victor Hugo, the famous French writer.

At present only two walls of the former keep remain. An archeological excavation has taken place during last years and will probably continue this summer. An interesting ruin which I hope to visit again once the excavations have ended.

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