I visited this castle in 2002.

Wangenbourg Castle lies east of the village with the same name in the Bas-Rhin province in France. This area is also known as the Northern Alsace or the Middle Vosges.

Wangenbourg Castle was probably built around 1295, because of its architectural details, although it doesn't get mentioned before 1357. In the beginning of the 16th century the castle was dilapidated and significant restoration works were started in 1535 by the Lords of Wangen. In 1680 the castle was occupied by a French garrison. When they left, they damaged the keep and the battlements.

The 13th century castle has several later additions; the keep (beginning of the 14th century), the remains of the Chapel tower and two residential buildings (16th century) and, in the dry moat, the remains of a a 17th century ramp once giving access over the battlements. Against the northern curtain wall the remains of a Gothic residential building can be seen. Between the keep and a cistern, the base of an earlier, 13th century, keep is preserved. Of the bailey to the east, only the base of its curtain wall and foundations of its successive entries remain.

This nice castle is situated on a sandy hill next to the village. It can be visited freely and you can climb the keep.

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