I visited this castle in 2008.

Antrim Castle lies in the centre of the town of Antrim on the banks of the Six Mile Water river, in County Antrim, in Northern Ireland.

It is unknown when Antrim Castle was exactly built. It is generally supposed that it was built by Sir John Clotworthy, Lord Massareene, around 1662 as a castlelike mansion. Although it is possible that his castle was built upon the remains of an earlier castle. There is also still a Norman motte in the castle grounds which served as a garden feature.

Sir John's daughter; Mary, married Sir John Skeffington, who became Viscount of Massareene and was related to the Ferrard family.

During a grand ball on October 28th, 1922 the castle caught fire and was destroyed. Although evidence pointed to arson by the IRA the official verdict was not conclusive, thus no insurance claim was paid out. The castle remained a ruin until its demolition in 1970.

All that remains of Antrim castle are a slightly raised grassed platform as well as a freestanding Italian stair tower which was built in 1887 and a gatehouse, which was built around 1818 with twin neo-Tudor towers, with older connecting walls.

When I visited there was widespread flooding because of very heavy rains the day before. There's not much to see but still a nice site. The park in which the castle remains are situated is freely accessible.

The castle gate also known as The Barbican.

The Norman motte.

A very nice old aerial picture of Antrim castle with the present remaining tower in the front.

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