I visited this castle in 2008.

Clough Castle lies in a small park in the village of Clough, in County Down, in Northern Ireland.

Clough Castle was first built as a Anglo-Norman motte and bailey castle during the 11th century by John de Courcy.

Excavations have revealed that the top of the motte was surrounded by a timber palisade. In the middle of the 13th century a large hall, probably made of timber, was built near the east edge of the motte. This was replaced later in the century by a stone keep close to the west edge, part of which remains.

Clough Castle appears to have been deserted in the early 14th century until the late 15th century or early 16th century when the ruined keep was rebuilt as a tower house.

Clough Castle, on its 25 ft high artificial mound and the lower crescent-shaped bailey on the south east side, would have guarded the entrance to the Lecale barony. It may have been an outpost for the larger Dundrum Castle, which lies just a few kilometers to the south.

Although the remains of Clough Castle aren't very spectacular the views over the surrounding countryside from top of the mound are very nice.

The site of Clough Castle is freely accessible.

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