I visited this castle in 2013.

Kilcoe Castle lies on an islet in Roaringwater Bay, south east of the village of Ballydehob in County Cork in Ireland.

Kilcoe Castle was built around 1450 by the Clan of Dermod MacCarthy. These MacCarthys were a sub-tribe of the McCarthy Reaghs of Kilbrittan, who had originated in the Blarney area.

Between 1600 and 1602 Kilcoe Castle was besieged by various forces. In 1603 the castle was held by Conor O'Driscoll. After a lengthy siege he and his garrison surrendered to Crown Forces under Captain Flower. It was one of the last castles, in the Barony of Carbery, to fall to the English forces after the Battle of Kinsale.

After the 1600's the castle fell into disrepair and gradually became a ruin.

In 1978 a causeway was built connecting the islet to the mainland. In 1998 the ruin of Kilcoe Castle was bought by the actor Jeremy Irons. He started a restoration that would take 6 years, costing £1 million. The castle is now home to his family. The color of the lime wash, originally probably white, has stirred criticism but was a personal choice of Irons.

In design Kilcoe Castle seems to be a larger version of Dunmanus Castle.

At present Kilcoe Castle is a private home, so it can not be visited. A beautiful castle and although I was a little surprised at its color the first time, I quite like it.

Kilcoe Castle seen from Rincolisky Castle.

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