I visited this castle in 2006.

Treuenstein Castle, locally known as Castel or Burg Treuenstein or the Gscheibter Turm, lies next to the village of Gries, west of the city of Bolzano (Bozen in German) in the South-Tyrol province in Italy. In earlier times it was also known as Burg Troyenstein.

Treuenstein Castle was built around 1280 by Meinhard II, Count of Tyrol, for his trusted vasal Friedrich von Treuenstein. Other buildings than the now existing tower were already destroyed in 1482. Perhaps there are underground remains of the palace beneath the present nearby Troyenstein residence; a 19th century Tudor-style mansion.

The circular keep is all that remains at present. It is 23 meters high and crowned with 3 meter high merlons. The interior of the tower can not be visited, too bad.

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