I visited this castle in 1997 and 2007.

Vianden Castle, also known as Oranienburg, is situated on a large rock in the valley of the Our river, in the town of the same name, north east of the town of Diekirch in Luxembourg.

The first fortification at this site was a Roman castellum, followed by a Carolingian refuge. Vianden Castle was built between the 11th and 14th century by the Hohenstaufen dynasty and seat of the Counts of Vianden until the 15th century. They were very influential in this region and were related to the French Royal Family and the German imperial court.

In 1417 Vianden Castle came into the possession, through inheritance, of the House of Orange-Nassau from which the Dutch Royal Family are the direct descendants. They owned the castle until the French Revolution. The castle was then confiscated but returned to the Dutch King Willem I in 1820. He sold the castle to a businessman; Wenceslas Coster, who sold the complete inventory, including all the doors and windows. After this Vianden Castle fell into decay and became a beautiful ruin.

In 1966 restoration works started and in 1977 the Grand Duke of Luxembourg transferred it to State ownership. By then large parts of the castle had been rebuilt after old images. Vianden Castle is now a museum and also used for official State occasions.

This is a nice castle with an important history. And although it is not very original it does give you an idea of how life at a castle must have been. Beware of the summer months when the town and castle can be overrun by tourists.

The castle has its own website at Vianden Castle.

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