I visited this castle in 2009.

Annendael Castle, locally known as Kasteel Annendael, lies south of the village of Posterholt, in the Limburg province in the Netherlands.

Annendael Castle was built between 1607 and 1618 by Count Hendrik van den Bergh for his sisters Anna and Charlotte.

The castle had an almost square ground plan and was initially surrounded by a moat.

After 1852, in the hands of the Von Schloisnigg family, Annendael Castle became dilapidated and was consequently partially torn down. In 1899 it was reported that a fifth of the former castle was still standing. At present only three circular columns remain. Between two of them the space is bricked up. They were probably part of gallery.

The remains of Annendael Castle are situated on private grounds with sheep grazing, so they can not be visited. These remains are not very interesting as they convey very little architectural detail.

Its exact location is at Postertweg 1 in Maria Hoop.

An 18th century drawing of Annendael Castle, probably made by Jan de Beijer.

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