I visited this castle in 2007.

Wychen Castle, locally known as Kasteel Wychen, lies in the town of Wychen, in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

Wychen Castle is a moated, almost square castle with a small courtyard. Bordering on the courtyard are a colonnade and a square tower. There are vaults below the entire castle, with 1.40-1.60 meter thick walls and a prison cell. The walls of the upper levels are 80 cm thick.

It is unknown when Wychen Castle was built. But due to architectural details probably somewhere in the 14th or early 15th century. In those times it may have been called 'Leler'. The first owners of the castle were members of the Van Galen family.

In 1535 the castle was handed over to Herman van Bronckhorst, Lord of Batenburg. In 1595 the castle was confiscated by a Geertruid van Dalem because its owner; Herman Dirk van Bronckhorst, hadn't paid his financial obligations. She sold the castle in 1609 to Emilia van Nassau (daughter of William of Orange) and her husband Don Emanuel de Braganza of Portugal. They rebuilt the castle to its present Renaissance appearance. The wall anchors represent a double letter E as a remembrance to them.

In the 17th and 18th century Wychen Castle changed ownership several times; the Osy family amongst others. In that period the castle fell into disrepair when it was used as a summer residence by Belgian owners. In 1903 the castle was sold at a public auction. Its new owner became Lady AW. van Andringa de Kempenaer. She renovated the castle only for it to be struck by a devastating fire in December 1906. Only the walls were left standing. Luckily the Lady didn't tear down the remains to make way for a new villa, as was her first plan. She hired the architect FA. Ludewig to rebuilt the castle.

In 1932 Wychen Castle was bought by the town of Wychen and became a town hall in 1933. At present part of the castle still serves as a town hall. Other parts are used for cultural activities and a small, but nice, regional museum.

A nice castle. The museum can be visited for a small fee, it has its own website at: Museum Kasteel Wijchen.

Its exact location is at Kasteellaan 9 in Wychen.

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