We visited this castle in 2006.

Socerb Castle, locally known as Grad Socerb and also known as Grad Strmec, lies is the village with the same namein Slovenia, south of the Italian city of Trieste.

Socerb Castle is perched on the edge of a 300 meters high Karst rock and offers a wonderful view of the Koper and Trieste Gulfs. Due to its location, Socerb Castle was already an important stronghold in Illyrian times, modified into a fortress in the Roman period.

The beginnings of the castle go back to the 13th century. Due ot its important strategic location, the castle changed owners several times. In 1780 the castle was badly damaged by fire.

This historical information was all I was able to find, so if anyone knows more, please mail me!

The castle is at present used as a restaurant although I doubt if they recieve much visitors. You can only visit the castle as a guest of the restaurant. However the views from the castle over the sea are worth the trip alone. I find this a not so spectacular castle on a spectacular location.

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