I visited this castle in 1998.

Threave Castle is a massive tower built in the late 14th century by Archibald the Grim, Lord of Galloway. Round its base is an artillery fortification built before 1455, when the castle was besieged by James II. The great holes in the tower walls are said to have been caused by gunshots from the Mons Meg siege gun, which is on display in Edinburgh Castle, during this siege.

It is on a little island in the river Dee, a couple of miles west of the village Castle Douglas in Scotland, and can only be approached by a little ferryboat after a nice walk through some fields.

The drawing above is a scan of a 19th century print of the castle I own. The pictures below are made by Dave Caw, the webmaster of the website 'Caledonian Castles Hame Page', which was online until mid-2004. I placed these pictures here as a reminder of the great quality of that website. They will be removed whenever it goes back online.

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