This page is part of my main castle site; where you can see many more castles, castle Doornenburg Castle Ammersoyen Castle ruins and other fortifications I've visited in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Ghana, Cuba and the Dutch Antilles.

Here you can take a look at the castles I've visited in The Netherlands.

Sterkenburg Castle Muiden Castle Radboud Castle Egmond Castle Assumburg Castle Brederode Castle Huis ter Kleef Castle Teylingen Castle Leiden Castle Woerden Castle Huis te Vliet Castle Huis ten Berghe Castle Huis te Riviere Castle Rhoon Castle Ravesteyn Castle Westhove Castle Huis te Woude Castle Huis te Merwede Castle Strijen Castle Loevestein Castle Dussen Castle Goudenstein Castle Waardenburg Castle Ammersoyen Castle Brakel Castle Duurstede Castle Doorwerth Castle Nijenbeek Castle Bergh Castle Swanenburg Castle Doornenburg Castle Kinkelenburg Castle Hernen Castle Batenburg Castle Horst Castle Hellenburg Castle Grebben Castle Kessel Castle Ouborgh Castle Horn Castle Montfort Castle Millen Castle Schaesberg Castle Valkenburg Castle Lichtenberg Castle Huis Dever Castle De Haar Castle Montfoort Castle Oostvoorne Castle Den Ham Castle Schagen Castle IJsselstein Castle Keenenburg Castle Heukelum Castle Leerdam Castle Helmond Castle Deurne Castle Nijeborgh Castle Born Castle Stein Castle Hoensbroek Castle Rivieren Castle Schaloen Castle Wittem Castle Mheer Castle d'Erp Castle Genhoes Castle Bokhoven Castle Hedel Castle Kuinre Castle Toutenburg Castle Bleijenbeek Castle Eijsden Castle Tongelaar Castle Wychen Castle Batestein Castle Heeswijk Castle Oude Loo Castle Blankenburg Castle Poelwijk Castle Schierstins Tower Lunenburg Castle Doorn Castle Heemstede Castle Wageningen Castle The red dots are clickable and will lead you to the current castle. Use the back-button of your browser to return to the map. The large brown dot is the capital; Amsterdam. You can also just move your mouse over a red castle-dot and a thumbnail of the current castle will appear next to the map.

The map above uses a javascript. So if you don't have javascript enabled, you won't see a thumbnail of the castle appear. If that's the case, you can also use the alphabetical list below.

Ammersoyen Castle
Annendael Castle
Assumburg Castle
Batenburg Castle
Batestein Castle
Bergh Castle
Blankenburg Castle
Bleijenbeek Castle
Bokhoven Castle
Born Castle
Brakel Castle
Brederode Castle
Deurne Castle
Doorn Castle
Doornenburg Castle
Doorwerth Castle
Dussen Castle
Duurstede Castle
Egmond Castle
Eijsden Castle
d'Erp Castle
Fort New St. Andries
Genhoes Castle
Goudenstein Castle
Grebben Castle
Haamstede Castle
De Haar Castle
Den Ham Castle
Hedel Castle
Heemstede Castle
Heeswijk Castle
Hellenburg Castle
Helmond Castle
Henkenshage Castle
Hernen Castle
Heukelum Castle
Hoensbroek Castle
Horn Castle
Horst Castle
Huis Dever Castle
Huis te Merwede Castle
Huis te Riviere Castle
Huis te Vliet Castle
Huis te Woude Castle
Huis ten Berghe Castle

Huis ter Kleef Castle
IJsselstein Castle
Keenenburg Castle
Kessel Castle
Kinkelenburg Castle
Kuinre Castle
Leerdam Castle
Leiden Castle
Lichtenberg Castle
Loevestein Castle
Lunenburg Castle
Mheer Castle
Millen Castle
Montfoort Castle
Montfort Castle
Muiden Castle
Nijenbeek Castle
Nijeborgh Castle
Oostvoorne Castle
Ossenmarkt Fort
Ouborgh Castle
Oude Loo Castle
Poelwijk Castle
Radboud Castle
Ravesteyn Castle
Rhoon Castle
Rivieren Castle
Schaesberg Castle
Schagen Castle
Schaloen Castle
Schierstins Tower
Stein Castle
Sterkenburg Castle
Strijen Castle
Swanenburg Castle
Teylingen Castle
Tongelaar Castle
Toutenburg Castle
Valkenburg Castle
Waardenburg Castle
Wageningen Castle
Westhove Castle
Wittem Castle
Woerden Castle
Wychen Castle

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