This page is part of my main castle site; where you can see many more castles, castle Threave Castle Brougham Castle ruins and other fortifications I've visited in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Ghana, Cuba and the Dutch Antilles.

Here you can take a look at the castles I've visited in Great Britain.

Castles in Scotland.

Caerlaverock Castle
Carnasserie Castle
Craigmillar Castle
Dirleton Castle
Dundonald Castle
Dunnottar Castle
Dunstaffnage Castle
Hailes Castle
Innis Chonell Castle
Kilchurn Castle
McLellans Castle
Tantallon Castle
Threave Castle
Castle Tioram

Castles in England.

Barnard Castle
Berkhamsted Castle
Brough Castle
Brougham Castle
Buckden Towers
Clare Castle
Framlingham Castle
Old Gorhambury House
Hedingham Castle
Orford Castle
Pendragon Castle
Someries Castle
Thirlwall Castle
Walden Castle
Weeting Castle 
Wimpole Castle

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